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For the past eight years, MICHAEL FLECK has provided Theatre Artists Studio with exceptional graphic design and wonderfully creative video,  which we have used most successfully to market our productions.  He has designed and maintains our website which reflects his extraordinary talents and skills on every level and provides the theater with a beautiful and engaging, professional face.   Fabulous work!

Carol MacLeod
President, Artistic Director
Theatre Artists Studio     __________________________________________________________________________________

MICHAEL FLECK is an extraordinary creative talent. Among my current roles is that of a theatre critic and, in that context, I have had frequent opportunities to interface with Michael and reflect on the quality and versatility of his work in marketing. Whether it be as a writer or as a designer and producer of websites and website content, graphics, or promotional videos, his work resonates with freshness, relevance, and emotional connection. He has the ability and sensitivity to embrace a client’s vision and then translate that intention into compelling visual reality. I have every confidence that those who choose to engage his services will be more than pleased that they did.

Herb Paine
Paine Consulting Services     ______________________________________________________________________________

I have been in the business of theater for well over half my life as an actor, director, acting coach and now Director of the Lunch Time Theatre program at the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix, AZ.  I have worked with many designers through the years, and not all “measure up”.   MICHAEL FLECK is a winner among winners.


I have worked with Michael for years. I've been fortunate to be the recipient of Michael’s artistry as he has created videos, flyers, posters and programs, as well as designing sets for plays I have directed. The world he created for our play at Theatre Artists Studio, THE OUTGOING TIDE, won the prestigious ariZoni award for outstanding set design.

As a Director, I am committed to delivering the message of the play to our audience, the public. That includes any collateral material that represents the production. I am passionate about this at every level.  Communication with my designer is essential.


Michael is completely open to ideas, to creating what will reflect my concept, and working on it diligently until we arrive at a product we are both proud of. Without fail, his work is not only spot on for concept, but also captures its essence in a way that only a true artist can.

Michael is a wonderful communicator who is able to translate thoughts, concepts and conversations into works of art that reflect both his talent and the beautiful, subtle essence of the product. It is always a pleasure and great privilege to work with him.

Judy Rollings
Lunchtime Theater Program

Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ     _______________________________________________________________________________________

MICHAEL FLECK directed and edited my radio play Betwixt. He did the foley work on it and overall sound design and handled the online promotion of the piece. My input and the input of everyone involved in the project was important to Michael.  His production skills alone are not altogether why the full potential of the script was achieved — his palpable love of the art, the dedication born of that, and a tireless attention to the smallest of details are just as importantly what brought the piece to fruition.

Michael also did the sound design and video montage for a promotional voiceover I did for Theatre Artists Studio, the images and music matching my words beautifully and adding dimensions to the message I hadn’t imagined. I’ve grown used to seeing Michael’s work around The Studio because he’s one of our go-to talents, but never do I take for granted the polish and originality of his work.

Tim Ashby
Playwright, Filmmaker    __________________________________________________________________________________

If you asked me to describe MICHAEL FLECK in one word, I would say Creative. If allowed two words, I would add Resourceful. But Michael is more than that. He's a unique, dual-lobed (right/left brain) thinker with Cognitive and Innovative solutions. His copy is to the point, his designs are clean and effective. I admire his work and am honored to be in his circle of friends.

Lee Cooley
Director of Marketing & Communications
Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®     ______________________________________________________________

MICHAEL FLECK's creative approach to communications can make the ordinary extraordinary - he has a gift for taking PR and writing to the next level so that you and your company stand out.

Andrea Kranitz
YourRemoteController     ________________________________________________________________________________________

MICHEL FLECK is an invaluable business partner.  We have used Michael as our web and content designer, marketing advisor and producer of our business materials. We continually get exceptional feedback on style and content.


He is a thorough study and has helped position our services to the market. Extremely creative and responsive, he's always ready to advise and produce. His services are quite competitive - a strict advantage in today's environment.

Jeff Jameson

Division Director of Human Resources

Life Care Centers of America     __________________________________________________________________________________

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