ABOUT THE VIDEOS:  Each of these projects was a labor of love about subjects close to my heart. 

HOSPICECARE IS FOR LIVING was a 30-minute public service video that introduced the purpose, process and benefits of hospice care.  I was involved throughout the making of this video.  I interviewed our patients and their families, wrote the script and, working with ProVideo, directed and edited the piece. I also raised the funds to cover production costs and to distribute hundreds of CDs and DVDs to partner agencies and families county-wide.  In the process, our video was honored with an ITVA "Vidie" Award for Best Public Service/Public Relations Video.

RESILIENCY was a training film created for Mayo Clinic to introduce a new, system-wide program to address patients' needs in cases of chronic illness and chronic pain.  My acting partner, Kathleen Cameron, and I were provided with five realistic scenarios of Mayo patients.  We then spent several rehearsals improvising contrasting scenes, sort of "best case/worst case" examples of caregivers' responses to their patients' presenting situations.  I then created a script from our improvisations and, with the wonderful production crew at Mayo, we shot all ten vignettes in a day and a half.  I am particularly proud of the fact that I was able to arrange a project contract with Screen Actors Guild.  It introduced Mayo Clinic Scottsdale to the Guild and allowed Kathleen and I (both SAG actors) to perform in the project.  We were very pleased with the results, and so was Mayo Clinic.

The other two videos are short, promotional pieces for Theatre Artists Studio productions.  They were used in online and social media campaigns and significantly increased potential audience interest and ticket sales.

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